Multicultural Festival 2017 - Waste Management and Parking

Multicultural Festival 2017 - Waste Management and Parking

To be held Fri June 9th thru Sun June 11th in Riverside Park - Guelph. Volunteers are required to assist with garbage collection, and parking. Overall, the day runs from 11am thru sometime after 11pm. Sunday the festival closes at 6pm, but there is some final cleanup. There are 5 stations requiring 2 adults for multiple shifts. Fri daytime shifts are strictly parking and setup.

In addition, we will require 2 people + driver to man the gator for the same shifts. The last shift on Sunday will also be charged with the task of taking down the 5 tents belonging to the waste resource innovation centre and packing them away.

Make sure you bring your own drinking cup. We are no longer allowed to distribute water in disposable plastic bottles, but will have refill from a tank on the gator. A hat and your own chair are also a good idea. Safety vest, trainng, and gloves supplied.

If you work one shift, you will receive a hotdog ticket while supplies last. If you work more than 6 hours, you will receive a ticket for ribs and a drink. You don't have to be a member of Scouting to join us.

If you have questions, or need a personal follow-up please call Conrad at 519-716-6274 (or 855-982-6274 x700 toll free), or email