Canada Day 2017 - Waste Management and Parking

Canada Day 2017 - Waste Management and Parking

To be held on Canada Day 2017 in Riverside Park - Guelph. Volunteers are required to assist with garbage collection for this one day project. The Rotary Club of Guelph is retaining the Gilwell Club to supervise garbage stations, and move the sorted garbage to bins. Overall, the day runs from 10am thru midnight. There are 5 stations requiring 2 adults (or 1 adult, 1 youth) for each shift. Shifts are setup as 11am thru 4pm, 4pm thru 7pm, and 7pm thru 11pm.

In addition, we will require 2 people to man the gator for the same 3 shifts. The last shift of the day will also be charged with the task of taking down the 5 tents belonging to the waste resource innovation centre and packing them away. The gator normally stops running around 8:30 until after the fireworks end at 10:20pm or so.

For Scout Groups who wish to make it a project, if 2 or more from the same Group attend, we will pay. We do ask you bring no more Scout age youth than you have adults as they can't work alone. Older youth are not a problem of course.

It is highly recommended, if you are taking the last shift, that you arrive earlier. Parking will be a bear. On the plus side, you get to watch a pretty decent fireworks display.

Anyone working 2 consecutive shift will have a meal provided at club cost. Nope, not steak. Think hamburger or hot dog..

Make sure you bring your own drinking cup. We are no longer allowed to distribute water in disposable plastic bottles, but will have refill from a tank on the gator.

If you have questions, or need a personal follow-up please call Conrad at 519-716-6274 or Details of how much can earn are also available.